For two packed days, the former military airbase will be transformed into the ultimate meeting place for product and service providers, operational relief workers and industry organisations. Guests will attend to forge networks and do business, creating public-private partnerships to work towards a safer country.


Society demands innovative solutions to 21st-century safety threats. Radicalisation and terrorism, climate change and extreme weather, industrial disasters, traffic catastrophes, wildfires, contagious diseases, protecting vital infrastructure and cybercrime are just a small selection of the challenges facing the regional safety authorities and their partners. What do the professionals in their particular areas of safety expertise require in order to do their job to the best of their ability? And how can you and your products, innovations and services play a part?

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eRIC offers a unique, interactive real-life stage to showcase and demonstrate product innovation, whether it’s in the field of vehicles, equipment, clothing, information technology, prevention techniques, education, training or exercises. Managers, purchasers and those working in the field in the Dutch relief work industry will all be present in huge numbers. If you are a manufacturer or supplier dedicated to making a contribution to furthering expertise and innovation in the world of disaster planning, incident management & early warning and response coordination, you simply can’t afford to miss eRIC!


eRIC is regarded by many as the number-one trade expo for emergency services. Many professionals, including the 112 emergency services and associated companies, are present or represented at the expo. Mark the date in your calendar and register as visitor!

Find out more at: www.exporic.nl

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