Imagine a Drone Docking Station
That Mounts to Your Car Roof

Easy to use, perfect for professionals and businesses. Want to be one of the first drone users to leverage this tool?

At current market rates professional drone pilots waste €20,000/year

In terms of the time they spend unpacking, launching, docking, securing, and charging their drones.

Drones are amazing tools, in high demand.

Talented drone pilots can easily build lucrative business … while individuals and companies can save thousands by acquiring and learning to operate drones.

The problem? Lack of automation.

When you arrive at the job site, you have to unpack the drone … then launch the drone … then, once the job is done, you have to land the drone and store it securely … then you have to charge the drone … 

It adds up to hours every year. Those are hours you could be spending on productive task to grow your business.

So what’s the alternative?

Are you wasting €20,000 yearly on non-impactful tasks?

… or resigning yourself to paying exorbitant fees to professional drone pilots because you don’t have the resources or the manpower to use and maintain your own drone?




The first automated launch-land-and-store solution for your drone …
… that mounts directly to the roof of your car.

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Operating a drone for clients or business use is as smooth as …

Can also be mounted in place and programmed for automated, scheduled recurring missions. Curious?

The most versatile drone-management automation solution ever designed

Autonomous Operations

The Atalanta automates drone flights, reducing preparation time, manual battery charging time, and flight logging time to a fraction of the original time, freeing up your focus and resources for higher-level tasks.

Compatible and Versatile

Designed with a modular build, the Atalanta is compatible with a wide variety of drone makes and models. Maximize the investment represented by your current drone.

Easy for Beginners

The Atalanta makes drone usage approachable and straightforward, even for those with little to no prior experience. Enables more users to benefit from drone technology, from amateurs and hobbyists to professionals.

Internal Battery

Atalanta comes with an internal battery that lasts for several drone missions without needing to recharge the docking station. Enables extended use and off-grid missions, increasing convenience and operational scope.

Automated Charging and Locking

The drone charges when not in use and locks it in place for safe transportation. Ensures the drone is always protected and ready for use.

Flexibility of Location

The docking station can be installed on vehicle roof racks or standalone on the ground. Enhances the range of missions, allowing drones to be deployed from multiple locations, not just from a fixed point.

On-Demand Drone Deployment

Atalanta supports mission scheduling that automates daily missions. Allows users to plan and automate their aerial operations, providing a consistent and reliable service.

Return on Investment

Atalanta is designed to pay for itself in as little as six months to a year, depending on usage. Cost-efficient solution for regular drone users, offering significant long-term savings.

Connectivity and Safety Features

Atalanta comes with 4G connectivity, a safe docking station for transporting drones, autonomous charging, and a battery for off-grid missions. Ensures secure, reliable, and extended operations for the drone.

About the Lead Designer

Hamza Kucukakyuz

is a career industrial designer and the founder of Zooh, a Netherlands-based company that designs and manufactures aviation and aerospace solutions. He noticed the time drone users were wasting on low-level maintenance and operational tasks for their drones and conceived Atalanta to make drone operation exponentially easier for both professionals and businesses alike.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying About Atalanta

Automate Your Drone Operations Efficiently

Experience the unparalleled efficiency and cost savings of ATALANTA, designed to pay for itself within 6 to 12 months.

Maximize Your ROI Faster!

Order ATALANTA today and see how quickly you can achieve a substantial return on your investment with our cutting-edge technology.

We’ve Got Your Back

We know a new piece of tech can be a little intimidating and overwhelming … but we stand behind our work to make ATALANTA the most easy-to-use, beginner-friendly drone accessory on the market … especially considering the time it will save you.


ATALANTA 3-Month Support Shield

For the first three months after your purchase, you have unfettered access to the Zooh customer support team to ensure you know how to make the most of Atalanta. Most test users master Atalanta within just a few days, so you'll have access to support far longer than you're likely to need it.

1-Year Access to FlyNow

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Set-and-forget recurring drone flights so you don’t even have to think about it... all for twelve whole months, courtesy of us..

Additional customization to adapt to your specific workflow, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for your operations?

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If You Are Still Reading This, You Are At A Crossroad...

You can go one of two ways …

a) Burn time and money, either operating your own drone or paying a professional drone operator …

Or …

b) Automate, protecting your investment and adding €10,000 to €20,000 or more in resources to your bottom line every year.

Which way will you choose?